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Christmas 2015 and Good Friday – Easter 2016


Late (for me) night musings….
Now that I have a son, thinking about Jesus from Mary’s perspective is so much more powerful. Christmas was a blur, but how amazing to think that I went through what Mary went through at the time we celebrate it…. Moving, nowhere (comfortable) to sleep and dealing with a newborn baby…. Q was a good little tiny baby through all the stress. I hope Jesus was that good for Mary. It isn’t easy now to move with a baby, but how hard would it have been back then. Not only did they have to get there for the census, but then they had to get back home! Yikes! Babies are a lot of work and need a lot of accessories….. Diaper changes on the road without disposable diapers?? Ew. Poor Mary and Joseph! 

Now to Easter, I’m glad I don’t have to experience that part of her life! I couldn’t imagine my son being killed in the most brutal way possible! She was a strong woman to go through it. Even if she knew that he would come back, she still had to watch. The agony of this precious baby bleeding out and suffocating to death?! Of course, he was a grown man, but I can see how it’s going for me, and Q will always be my baby……. The otter picture, “I made dis”, always comes to mind. Here’s this kid that you worked on for months, and let me tell you, late night feedings aren’t a picnic either…. But there he was. Dead. For her. For us. Amazing. 

If you haven’t read the bible for a long time, or you’ve read familiar passages so often you just think “yeah, I know that story”, I’d encourage you to think of it from a different perspective and read it again.