Fitness. Again. For real this time.

Fitness. Again. For real this time.

Baby #2 quickly after baby #1 was HARD. See my previous post… finally after a few months, I’m FINALLY getting back to “normal”. This is going to be a Long woe is me to I love me post….but it’s my blog! I do what I want! So, yeah let’s get the woe is me part first so we can get to the good part! Basically after J was born and I almost died and I spent the last month or so of pregnancy with terrible hip ligament pains, I had atrophied so much that I was literally starting from zero. I took my Women’s vitamins, probiotics, and extra iron. I ate steak, kale, spinach… all trying to get stronger. I literally couldn’t get down on the floor to play with my boys, and I couldn’t get up without help once I did manage to get down! I needed help to get in and out of bed for weeks….. there were many tears. It was an ugly time. Housework? Forget it. Even standing to do dishes or load/transfer laundry was HARD! I felt like why did I not die, but I can’t do anything. My brain even was foggy and I couldn’t form proper sentences for complex ideas! It was so frustrating again. I knew I could do it, so why wouldn’t the words come? Also, I literally had bald patches from postpartum hair loss combined with all the trauma from the ICU and heavy antibiotics. Anyway, I met my new friend Micki shortly after I was released from the hospital, and in January she told me she was starting a running streak and was doing BeachBody. All I knew was the shakes, and since I sell my own, I wasn’t interested. Then she showed me the app. It was ALL workouts and meal plans with regular grocery food, not mandatory their stuff. Then…the real motivation. She was looking fitter and showed me her before/after photos from just a couple weeks. I knew I needed to do it.

February 14, I started 21 Day Fix Extreme, per my new coach’s recommendation. Stupid me, I didn’t take any “before” pictures. But I weighed and measured with their tracker app. Halfway through I noticed that my pants and bras were looser and so I weighed. Up 2 pounds. That couldn’t be right. I’d been working SO hard and eating well and my energy level was incredible! So I measured. I was down 4 inches overall! So I went on. Today was the last day. I’m so proud to say that my weight is the same, but let’s just bullet point all the things that are better!!

  • I lost SEVEN inches overall!!!!
  • Clothes are fitting better!
  • I started with 2s as my light and 3s as my heavy weights (or none at all!) now I’m mostly using 5s and 8s!
  • I can get down and up off the floor by myself AND while holding the gigantic fat 5 mo old baby!
  • I can carry the baby in his carrier and load him in and out of the car.
  • Because of the meal plan and including my BodyKey shake every day in addition to my regular vitamins, my nutrition is on point! I may be healing my gut and able to eat gluten again soon….!
  • Also because of vitamins, my hair is growing back!!! It’s about 3/4-1″ long in the new growth areas.
  • Housework is getting done again! I flipped the living room to make room for working out, did laundry, cleaned the entire kitchen…all in the same week!
  • And best of all……Q says “Mommy, you want to work out?” and he’ll get the mat out for me. We even gave him an old resistance band from B’s pectoral PT from the academy so he has his own band to exercise too. AND last
  • B has started working out with the videos too and is doing his own program: Core de Force.

So, that was long, and thank you for reading. I’ll share again after I complete my next program: 8 weeks of PiYo!


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