Clean eating, part 2


Part two, written a few days ago.
I finished the clean eating challenge and lost about 6 pounds. I feel so much better! Overall, the recipes were good, and I will keep a lot of them.

One thing that eating clean-ly helped me realize is that I am gluten intolerant. 😪 I thought the digestive issues were stress from school, but going back to “normal” eating, I noticed that whenever I ate wheat, I would have…issues…again, and I have zero stress at the moment. I tried cutting gluten out and immediately felt better. Darn.. Farewell cookies, pasta, sweet pastries…. It’s not you, it’s me, and I will miss you, but we can’t be friends anymore.

It’s interesting going on this healthy journey, for sure. We adopted Frankie, our totally adorable bird dog. (General consensus is that he’s a Brittany/pointer mix.)

20140702-142651-52011739.jpg we go for walks in the morning, and so he’s helping me exercise regularly. As he improves and is able to walk more, I will be able to exercise more too! We shall improve together!

Brandon has also been needing to work out more, as he is a hopeful State Trooper academy participant, so we have been going to the gym regularly. Because of the regular cardio, I can see some changes in my body. I’m not brave, or I’d post a “before” picture. Maybe I’ll take one and save it for later when I have a good “after” picture….? We shall see.


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