Clean Eating…..and….. go!


I wrote this back in May, but there was some negative feedback to all my Instagram photos. I’ll try to keep the blog updated on my fitness journey, and for personal accountability, I’m making this public. So, in an act of bravery….here it goes:
I’m tired of being fat, tired, and unhappy. Who’s with me? Raise your flabby arms high! Yes, you. I see your hand! Let’s be even more honest. I weighed before I started this. 220lbs. 5’4″. Size 12-14. Yikes. Not good at all. Something has to change. I can’t keep this up, especially if I want to have kids some day!!!
(Also, shout out to my dear husband graciously agreed to do this with me since it’s easier to cook for two people. He’s the best, right? 😘)

So, without further delay, here’s what I propose to do: had a two-week “Clean Eating” challenge. Click to see:Clean Eating Link.

So far, so good….except for fennel. I’ve finished day 4, as of now.
I’m bad at remembering to take pictures, but here are some that I liked the recipes for:
Breakfast day 1, Banana kale smoothie


Dinner day 1, roasted chicken, kale, quinoa


Dinner day 2, chicken, mango, avocado wraps (napa cabbage)


Breakfast day 3, blackberry, Greek yogurt, walnut parfaits


Lunch day 3, napa cabbage, carrots, almonds, with tamari-lime vinaigrette topped with roasted chicken


Dinner day 3, roasted cauliflower steak and lentils


Dessert day 3, almond milk with dark chocolate melted in to make hot chocolate


Breakfast day 4, feta omelette


And….. No more pictures today cos lunch was rushed, and dinner was supposed to be fennel again (yuck!) so we went to Chick fil A and had a Cobb salad from there instead. Let me tell you, after 3 full days of no sugar, that was one sweet salad! The fried chicken was sweet and the dressing I thought was “avocado lime vinaigrette” was actually “avocado lime ranch” so that was sweet too! Oh well… 😕

It’s too few calories to do working out, but for two weeks, it’s nice to learn new recipes and habits.

Recipes to keep: oatmeal, napa cabbage salad, roasted chicken, roasted cauliflower, lentils, shaved asparagus.


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  1. Good for you girl! Keep up the clean eating! I see you’re expecting a little one from your most recent post, congratulations :). Finding time to prep healthy food can seem tough when you have a baby in the house, but it’s doable if you focus on it as you’ve been doing. Keep up the good work!

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