Well, here I am, a new blog for life post-BKK.  I still have that one, just found at  This one will be my regular stuff now.

I guess I should update with this:  I’m back in America.  The last months in Thailand were fun and busy, and I’m so glad to be home.  I got a part-time job at Victoria’s Secret right away and have spent the last months working as the Assistant Costumer for the Waco Civic Theatre’s production of My Fair Lady, all the while looking for a full-time job.  I’ve had several interviews and every one of them asked “Why don’t you teach? You seem to have a lot of experience in academia, and I guess you enjoy it….” Always followed by an almost audible “Dot dot dot” leaving me lost for words.  “Why don’t I teach?” I thought.   I believe God has been calling me to it for quite some time and it’s finally clicked in my head that I’m a fool if I don’t listen to Him.  I met with Mr. Massey at MCC today to discuss the Alternative Teaching Certificate, and I’m signing up.  If everything works out I will start class July 6th, but if not, I will start in the Fall.  It should take about a year, maybe a little more depending on internships and opportunities.  Either way this sets me up for success in life.   Meanwhile, I’ll still be looking for a part-time job that will give me a more dependable schedule even though it is lots of fun working at VS, I need something more stable.  Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated.




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